Personal task manager PSL2

1.What is PSL2?
PSL2 is task/suhedule management software like pocket outlook suhedule. But pocket outlook is difficult to use and it does not offers appropriate information on each views.
PSL2 have some task viewer.(Daily,Weekly,Monthly,3monthly)
And confortable operation & easy to understand to see the task. PSL2 is designed best operation to use weekly task. We recommend to use weekly schedule mainly.

1.It have view for your daily, weekly, monthly and 3monthly schedules.
2.You can change some settings to see your favorite few.
3.You can attach freehand memo.
4.You can check tasks on a big popup window to check easer.
5.You can make tasks very simply and easy on weekly schedule.
6.Synchronous PocketPC Calender tasks.

(1)Weekly view (Plane design) (1)Each view 3D design

(2)Monthly view

(3)3month view


(4)Daily view


(5)Freehand memo

(6)more settings

2.Manual for PSL
online is here.
Download is here.

3.System requirements
(1)Windows CE Pocket PC(CE 3.X)/PocketPC2002
(2)Surpporting CPU : Strong ARM / MIPS / SH3
(3)Over 4096 Colors

4.Download & Registration
Download File Skin Size Version Price (MIPS/ARM/SH3) 3D design 365KB 2.14 US $14.95 (MIPS/ARM) Plane design 132KB 2.09 US $14.95

PSL is shareware. If you use PSL to continue, you need registration.
Registration is easy. You click below image.
*Purchase from handango.

*Purchase from PocketGear.

5.Version history
Date Update Contents
04/12/2002 Product release ver 2.14
Add holiday menu.
Bug fix.
02/25/2002 Product release ver 2.12
Add 3D design.
Add task search function.
02/10/2002 Product release ver 2.09
12/25/2001 Beta release ver 2.04
12/19/2001 Beta release ver 2.03